Quality Care Auto wants to make your driving experience as worry-free as possible.  Many of the concerns associated with vehicle ownership can be alleviated by having a solid understanding of common symptoms and problems.  Below are a few questions we are most frequently asked.

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Onboard Diagnostics
Why can't that computer tell me exactly what's wrong with my vehicle?
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Preventive Maintenance
How does preventive maintenance protect my automotive investment?
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Sensor Details
The "Eyes and Ears" of your vehicle's Electronic Control Module (ECM)
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Also visit:

Here you will find information on temporary road closures, progress on major road construction projects, updates on winter driving conditions, state-operated rest rooms and safety and convenience issues.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website features a search engine and more than 60 links about car safety, child protection, crash test data, vehicle and tire recalls, and more.




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